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Welcome to Shane Mitchell Contracting Ltd – the official website of Queenstown’s local digger and earth moving excavation experts.

Queenstown is home for Shane and the team here at SMC. We service Queenstown, Glenorchy, Cardrona, Wanaka, Cromwell, and everywhere in between. Read on to discover why you should choose SMC for your earth moving project, discover our capabilities and get in touch with Shane – he’s looking forward to hearing from you!

Why Choose SMC

Family Values

Queenstown’s booming, and Shane Mitchell Contracting is playing the long game. Shane and the team have built a life here for their families, so rest assured that you can trust their values, and depend on their hard working drive. We believe that hard work and good karma will build a great future for everyone.

Local Expertise

Having a strong and stable network of contractors is essential to the success of any development. Shane Mitchell Contracting only works with the best, honest and dependable local contractors. All to help grow the region of Queenstown.

Genuine Talent

Since he took his first toy digger to the family sandpit, he’s worked in every excavator imaginable. Over the past 15 years Shane has turned earth working into an art… you’ll sit back in awe of his methodology, control and patience. He’s a true master of his craft.


We provide a full stack of residential and commercial earthworks services. We’ll take care of every aspect of the pre-build earthworks; including site scrapes, digging footings, digging service trenches and drains. Then once the building is up, we’ll bring your vision to life. We’ll build your lawns, driveways, foot paths, prepare retaining walls, stack your rock work, lay your paths and prepare your driveway.

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Residential Earthworks

From site scrapes, to footings, drains, driveways and more… Click the icon to start planning your residential earthworks today.

Commercial Developments

We have the men, machinery and know-how to tackle any large-scale commercial development. Click the icon to see our capability.

Drain Laying

SMC is a member of the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board of New Zealand. We’ll take care of all your drain laying requirements.


No job is too big, small, tight or tricky for SMC. From gardens, to retaining walls and rock work. Click the icon to discover our landscape earthworks services today.

Power and Telecom

Get on the grid! SMC will lay your power and telecom services, and connect your development to the world. Click the icon to book your job with Shane.


Shane’s a local legend in Queenstown. He knows that giving back to the community will make a better future for his family, and Queenstown as a whole.

Do you need a quote?

Skip to the chase! Every trade in Queenstown is busy at the moment, and time is of the essence in construction. So the sooner you contact Shane, the smoother your project will get off the ground.

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He’s a Legend

We wanted to do it ourselves, it’s the Kiwi way! But by employing Shane we were humbled by his attention to detail, methodology, hard working drive and ability to visualise the end result. We saved thousands of dollars on expensive digger hire, and he gave us a world class finish that added amazing value to our property. Shane dug the foundations for our new home in Cardrona, laid the septic pipe in the road reserve, and placed our 130 metre long power cable in the ground. Cheers mate, you’re a legend. - Will and Ali Appelman

Cardrona, NZ.

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If you’re planning ahead (which is great!) you can text, email, or fill out the online job booking form. Click the link below to go to the online booking page.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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